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So the site is launched. If you made it this far I thank you for your interest. This is an exciting endeavor for me, being able to explore to continue to expand on my craft as well as share it in a professional manner. I am also looking forward to doing this blog. I had often thought of doing one in the past but never engaged in it. I will try and keep it interesting and focused on photography-centric ideas but forgive me if I venture into other areas that capturing my interest as well at the moment.


Photo Story.

I was trekking in Nepal in 2014 with friends through LangTang Valley. It was the morning of day 3 of 4 and we were headed back towards Syrapu Besi. 

While on the trail I usually tend to lag behind my group. Partly because it keeps me in position to get any photo opportunities that may arise and because I am often fiddling with my gear and so moving a little slower than the rest of the group.

So that morning I was walking with my head down, behind the group as usual. I was tweaking the exposure settings on my camera to adjust for the excess light coming off the snow that had covered the ground the night before when I heard some raised voices ahead of me. There was a Nepalese man shouting towards a young boy who was riding a horse (a little too fast perhaps?) ahead of us on the trail. My friends quickly moved for the sides of the trail to find space and avoid being ran over. I side stepped, raised my camera and burst a stream of shots as the horse and it's young jockey raced past me.  It was an awesome moment; an impressive sight for someone who comes from a world where kids aren't allowed to ride bikes without a helmet and a legal guardian nearby. To me it is an encapsulation of my experiences in LangTang. Capturing the spirit and the vitality of a people who live in beautiful but harsh environment and have found a way to thrive. 

If you are looking to visit Nepal and explore the Himalayas, I would recommend the company we used, Advanced Adventures based in Kathmandu.  They were very easy to work with, prices were reasonable and they were incredibly attentive throughout our trip. Link below.


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